While there is certainly still a place for the ER, many people are now choosing to visit a private medical clinic instead of going to the hospital. Why has there been this shift in practices? There are a number of reasons, although one of the most basic is simply that there are more of them now than ever before. They accept the same health insurance the hospital does and many of them give out the same or better care than one can expect to see in the hospital.

Naturally, if you have an emergency-whether it be a broken arm, a cold, or chest pains-it really is not in your best interest to make a doctor’s appointment. These days doctors are booked full and it may take a few days or even weeks before you can get in to see your personal physician. In the meantime, what are you supposed to do? Since you need health care right away, you have two choices-go to the ER or find a local medical clinic that accepts walk-in patients. Increasingly, people are choosing the latter.

If you’ve ever been to the emergency room, you know that unless you walk in with a knife sticking out of your chest, you’re going to be in for a long wait. Even if you get called back quickly, you would be a fool to expect to spend any less than five hours at the hospital. For patients who have absolutely no reason to believe the problem is serious enough to warrant admission to the hospital, this can seem like an awful waste of time. This is where the walk-in medical clinic comes in. Although in bigger cities the wait will still be there, it should be a much shorter wait than you could expect at the hospital. In today’s busy world, that can make all the difference.

So popular are these medical clinics that some are starting to use them even when the problem isn’t urgent. Studies have shown that fewer and fewer people have a designated doctor anymore. If they have a problem, they go up to the medical clinic and see whoever happens to be on staff. They can get checked out, diagnosed, and get some prescription medication in far less time than it would take to make an appointment. The trend is clear, and it doesn’t seem to be soon changing.


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